Welcome to the House of Strange

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Welcome to the House of Strange

House of Strange Studios is an independent studio run by Ash Gardner. It's been home to the likes of Mumford and Sons, ASH, Sparkadia, Noah and the Whale, Emmy the Great and We are Scientists. In the basement of a Victorian dog biscuit factory in East London, HoSS covers around 1,100 square feet with two large live rooms, as well as a control room and plenty of other nooks and crannies to record in. It can also be divided into smaller, drier sections to achieve whatever size of room is most appropriate. it would be difficult to find a set up that we could not accommodate.
The studio is packed full of guitars, keyboards, drum kits, effects pedals, vintage synths, tape machines and scrapheap percussion. We also have a Balinese metalophone, a concert vibraphone and more percussion than you will need. The studio stocks a large variety of top end microphones and preamps to choose from, aswell as a cupboard filled with obscure outboard gear and vintage pedals. We're happy to offer as little or as much help with your projects as you need, and can record, engineer, mix, produce, arrange, live sound-engineer as well as make tea, or play ping pong. We can also write music for TV and radio (under the name Carl and the Saganauts) and our recent clients include the BBC (Museum of Curiosity), and Flight of the Conchords star Rhys Darby.
Ash was first to record Noah & the Whale, and Mumford & Sons, and has since worked with Emmy the Great, Sparkadia, and ASH to name a few. He is 1/3 of the band Emperor Yes, does live sound for Three Trapped Tigers and CLARK and was responsible for setting up the House of Strange.
Ash was born and grew up in Hong Kong with @schreiberland, @emmythegreat & @maxxximumsound, and moved to the UK to attend university. Since then he's been busy creating House of Strange studios that has been going since 2006. He also does front-of-house for London-based Three Trapped Tigers and WARP artist CLARK, makes animations & music videos, draws, takes photos, looks through telescopes, and skateboards. Ash can usually be found at home at the house of strange with @edsaperia (of Clockwork Quartet), playing ping pong, or on twitter @houseofstrange.
Max is a talented and prolific sound engineer and electro-dubstep producer. His Twitter feed can be found at @robotbear.
Born in Hong Kong, Max moved to England to work within the UK music scene. He has since worked for a variety of independent music and media organisations, mixed Kerrigan’s stuff for Ministry of Sound, recorded elements for the new Three Trapped Tigers album, session musician alongside artists like Paul Jackson, made music videos for Ron Jetson, and been played on BBC Introducing under the name Robotbear.
Hugo Sheppard is one half of Carl and the Saganauts and contributor to House of Strange band. He makes music under the name Hugo Sheppard.
Hugo was born and raised in the West of England. He moved to London in 2004, and has been working with House of Strange in various different capacities since 2006. He is a part trained, part self-taught musician, who can be called upon to play piano and synths, guitar, flute, and to sing. He has played with a number of bands including To-mera, Clockwork Quartet, Arch Stanton, Summer Camp, Fyfe Dangerfield .



8 hour recording day with engineer for £500 per day, that grants full use of the studio and instruments.


Our in-house engineers Ash and Max can mix tracks recorded at (or away from) the studio, at a charge of £200 per 8 hours.


In-house band Carl and the Saganauts (Ash Gardner/Hugo Sheppard) has written theme tunes for the BBC, Kew Gardens, The 405, and Flight of the Conchords' Rhys Darby. We are capable writing all types of material from theme tunes to sound tracks. Get in touch if you want us to do something like this; prices are variable.

Sound Design

We can add sound effects and sound design to any of your movies, or animations, and have recorded voice overs with BBC/StarStreet comedian Terry Mynott and with Pete Bradshaw for an up coming audio book about London.


Plenty of music videos and live performances have been shot at the HoS, by Arcane Roots, The Woe Betides, Ron Jetson, House of Strange and Stricken City, among others. If you are looking for a video that looks any like these, or nothing like these, I'm sure we can pull it off. If you'd like a Making Of video made about your recording sessions, we can give you the raw video, or can edit it ourselves.

Live Sound

Ash has done live sound for Jeremy Warmsley, Three Trapped Tigers and Clark. If your price is right and he isn't busy, he'll be around to make your gig sound as great as it can (and is also very happy to put you in touch with other live sound engineers, to suit your budget).



  • 1Apple Mac Pro (8-core)

Sound Card

  • 1RME: Fireface 800
  • 2RME: MultiFace
  • 3Apogee: Duet


  • 1KRK: V6 (V-series)
  • 2KRK: 10s (sub)


  • 1UAD: 2-610 x 2
  • 2API: 3124+ x 8
  • 3TLAudio: 5001 mk2 x 4
  • 4Focusrite: TwinTrak Pro x 2


  • 1Se Electronics: Gemini mk 2
  • 2Coles Ribbon Mic 4038x2
  • 3DPA: 4061
  • 4Thomann: Ribbon Mics x 2
  • 5AKG: 414C
  • 6AKG: C1000
  • 7AKG: C3000x2
  • 8AKG: D112
  • 9Shure: SM7b
  • 10Shure: SM58 x 3
  • 11Shure: SM57 x 2
  • 12PZMs x 2 (Pressure Zone Microphone)
  • 13Speaker Cone Mic (10 inch)
  • 14Se Electronics: Se1000
  • 15Antique Carbon: Telephone Mic


  • 1Pearl: Export Drum Kit
  • 2Fender: Jazz Bass
  • 3Fender: Music Master
  • 4Premier: Vibraphone
  • 5Concert Glokenspiel
  • 6Upright Piano
  • 7Harmonium
  • 8Wurlitzer Organ
  • 9Hohner: Pianet
  • 10Gamelan Pieces
  • 11Trumpet, Sax, Flute
  • 12Martin Acoustic
  • 13Yamaha Acoustic
  • 14Yamaha Tenori-on
  • 15Monome


  • 1Yamaha: DX7
  • 2Dave Smith: Mono Evolver
  • 3Korg: Poly800
  • 4Novation: X-Station
  • 5Roland: Keytar
  • 6Yamaha: DX100
  • 7NES: Mastersystem Keyboard
  • 8Novation: Bass Station
  • 9Yamaha: RM1X
  • 10Yamaha: PSR4500
  • 11Univox Clavioline
  • 12Lots of Casios
  • 13Roland Alpha Juno 1
  • 14Korg PolySix


  • 1Pretty much every type of percussion available
  • 2Scrap Metal Drum Kit


  • 1Vox: AC30
  • 2Fender: London Reverb
  • 3Fender: Pro Jr
  • 4Roland: Jazz Chorus
  • 5Orange: Crush Bass Amp
  • 6Orange: AD5
  • 7Traynor: 50 watt Solid State Head
  • 8Marshall: 60's cab 4 x 10
  • 9Mackie: PA

Guitar Pedals

  • 1Electro Harmonix - DMMTT
  • 2Electro Harmonix - Deluxe MM
  • 3Electro Harmonix - GF
  • 4Electro Harmonix - Big Muff
  • 5Electro Harmonix - HOG
  • 6Boss - RV3
  • 7Boss - MT2
  • 8Boss - DD6 x 2
  • 9Boss - FL 2
  • 10Boss Dm300
  • 11Zvex - Fuzz Factory
  • 12Zvex - Super Duper 2
  • 13Zvex - Mastotron
  • 14Gig Fx - Chopper
  • 15Gig Fx - Mega Wah
  • 16Analog Man - Sun Lion x 2
  • 17Analog Man - Bi Compressor
  • 18Analog Man - Ross
  • 19Roger Linn - Adrenalinn 3
  • 20Jim Dunlop - Rotovibe
  • 21Jim Dunlop - Jimi Wah
  • 22DigiTech - WH1
  • 23Tech 21 - Sans amp DI
  • 24Joyo - phaser
  • 25Joyo - trem
  • 26Line 6 - Tap Trem
  • 27Korg - AX1G
  • 28BBE - Sonic Maximiser
  • 29DOD 440 clone
  • 30MXR - Blue Box


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